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Cockney Rebel The Human Menagerie Lyrics

Cockney Rebel - The Human Menagerie

Steve Harley - Vocals
Stuart Elliot - Percussion
Paul Jeffries - Fender Bass
Milton Reame-James - Keyboards
Jean-Paul Crocker - Electric Violin, Mandolin, Guitar

TOP 10 LP'S : 1973
Robbie Rocks

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Death Trip
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All songs written and composed by Steve Harley

Side One
Hideaway *YouTube
What Ruthy Said
Loretta's Tale
Crazy Raver
Sebastion *YouTube

Side Two
Mirror Freak
My Only Vice
Muriel The Actor
Death Trip *YouTube


Let them come a running, take all your money and hideaway
Let them come a running, take all your money and flee
Let them come a running, take all your money and hideaway, hideaway

It was summer or maybe spring, I can't remember
It was summer or maybe spring, I can't recall
We found our hearts and stole them from our bodies
(We couldn't understand the Villain's call)
We'd often recall the beginnings
We'd often try in vain to change it all
We couldn't help but keep ourselves from sinning
It was summer, summer or maybe spring
or maybe spring, or maybe spring


It was summer, or maybe spring, I can't remember
It was summer or maybe spring, I can't recall
We'd try to always calm our elders
(But always we did seem to fall)
We'd never try to tame the burning embers
(It didn't seem to matter how we'd fare)
It seemed we couldn't ever escape December
But it was summer, summer, or maybe spring,
or maybe spring, maybe spring

What Ruthy Said

You're wearing grey today, you're from Berlin I'd say
You're a model
Can I be blue for you, like I'm in fashion too?
See me wobble
We'll be a pair of swells and dig the best hotels
Hit the throttle
We'll do the rhumba too and say the life we knew
was so gay

Ah, teach me to rock, I'm getting caught in a pocket
Of Saki
We can go to a hop and do Suburban Bop
Cool and sharply
Queue for the cops, you got no reason to not
Be Malaki
Your Gossamer and Fluff are gonna be enough
For today

We'll dig the sand and sea down in Alicante
On the borders
We'll dig the hustle-around and hear the Virgin sound
Of your daughters
American Bordeaux, we'll hit a rhythm slow,
Oh! The tortures!!
But what Ruthy said must have gone to your head like
They say

Loretta's Tale

Watch Loretta taste the wine
Kick the Actor from behind
Sprawl across the sofa, then
Speak of foreign towns again
Like the loner, seek Marlene,
Ask the waitress: "Where you been?"
She says: "Don't give me no lies,
"I been inside your head at least three times..."

I never lost control
It was a very weird show
And all I ever got was oh!
Are you never gonna go?

Spy Ramona by the door
Calling me the Perfect Whore
Only Sweet Loretta speaks
"Wipe the humour from your cheeks"
And as the make-up starts to fade
She doesn't wait, she hides away
Noticing her friends had gone
She cried to me: "Oh! What went wrong?"


For Loretta-one
She only played for fun
She gave her life away
Counted hundreds, came to none...


Crazy Raver

Lazy stage-star; wanna be a raver
You've gotta make it all happen insane
Crazy raver; wanna be a big star
You've gotta make it all happen again
You want it easy but you don't understand
They'll crush your diamonds in a one-night stand
You'll be a "Biggie" then you'll be a "nobody-at-all"
So while you're there you'd better show us a ball
And wear your sequins or wear nothing at all
Take us to heaven with our backs to the wall
The climbing's hard but it's easy to fall
Oh! here's a monkey with a message for us all
Go be a Crazy Raver, oh! oh! yeah
Go be a Crazy Raver

Maybe lady; wanna be my baby
Go to heaven in your satin and lace
Crazy baby, gotta dress so shady
Then come and meet me in some far-out place
We'll go together like water and sand
Be seen together walking hand-in-hand
A pair of swells who've got nothing to do but romance
You'll be a rhapsody, The Belle o' the Dance
Become a stir and play the public nuisance
Ascend a stairway up to Paris in France
Become the lady of the Dietrich stance
Then pick the one of your nouveau fancy
And be a Crazy Raver
And be a Crazy Raver


Radiate simply, the candle is burning, so low for me
Generate me limply, can't seem to place your name, cherie
To rearrange all these thoughts in a moment is suicide
Come to a strange place, we'll talk over old times we never smile

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian
Work out a rhyme, toss me the time, lay me, you're mine
And we all know, oh yeah!

Your Persian eyes sparkle; your lips, ruby blue, never speak a sound
And you, oh so gay, with Parisian demands, you can run-around
And your view of society screws up my mind like you'll never know
Lead me away, come inside, see my mind in kaleidoscope

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian
Mangle my mind, love me sublime, do it in style,
So we all know, oh yeah!

You're not gonna run, babe, we only just begun, babe, to compromise
Slagged in a Bowery saloon, love's a story we'll serialize
Pale angel face; green eye-shadow, the glitter is outasight
No courtesan could begin to decipher your beam of light

Somebody called me Sebastian
Somebody called me Sebastian
Dance on my heart, laugh, swoop and dart, la-di-di-da,
Now we all know you, yeah!

Mirror Freak

Exhibition yourself we'll hold a show on the shelf
Now we can feel a change is on the way
You're not a skin or a spiv
boy who are you trying to kid
You're jolly handsome, super, wizard, okay?
Would you resort to telling
all your friends lies
When they can see right through
your flimsy disguise?
We all consider you far out
so there can be ltttle doubt
You're gonna make it in a big, big way

Oh we can feel a new existence beginning
And the yobs have made a go at forgiving
And the new man he appears to be winning
What a shame such a bore!
I don't wanna turn on tonite
Said I don't wanna turn on tonite

You put your hand in the air
and when they ask you say "Yeah"
And they'll be happy to believe
you're both kinds
Then shake a fist or a leg
and prove the image is dead
Or the chances are you'll trip up their minds
Oh you're too cute to be a big rock star
But if you're cool you may not push it too far
Oh just believe in yourself
and take a tip from the elf
And sing a boogie to the image fatale

Oh we can feel. . .

You feel Lorretta's deep breaths,
you put a hand on her breast
You feel her come on like some movie-star chick
You slide her body across
you fight so hard to be boss
But sweet Lorretta she knows all the tricks
So you perform like it's your very best show
You turn her on but she's never gonna know
Then you can shuffle your hips
or M-M-Mae West your lips
But you're the same old thing we've always known

Oh, we can feel. . .

My Only Vice (Is The Fantastic Prices I Charge For Being Eaten Alive)

Simply Lorraine sings for a while
In a three-octave harmonica style
It's easy to see her harmony
stabbing at my songs from behind
Trying to stick her cosmic philosopher's
words into rhymes
Nobody can tell it the same
To her evcrything's just like a game
But she'll make it seem some big machine's
driving you clean outa your mind
Come on admit it, that's just the limit,
we've travelled from mad to sublime

Oh she's a lady from a background of pearls
Who's tormenting and bending my world
My only vice is the fantastic prices I
Charge for being eaten alive. . .

So Nina can paint dragons on guitars
She can roll up a Victorian vase,
That gal can sweep, skip,
jump and leap into a room full of clowns,
No one'll tame her, no one'll claim her,
'til she's been at least all around
Doreen is a hunk of a man,
she can wipe every boy from the land
But Lorraine can fly it way outa sight
then bring it on back to the fold
Give me a chance, I want romance,
don't give me your love quite so cold


Muriel The Actor

She, got my number and she - chasing me so far
Me, out of slumber, I can do with no faut-pas
Mixed-up and bleeding, I's high on beleiving
It's all surreal
Slip on a T-shirt, me - gotta look so cool
Me Biba braces are making me so cruel
She, dinosaur and me, her He-whore
Sleep Muriel

Oh! See her move so right
the Actorin her big baggy strides
And her golden top made of satin
See her wriggle her hips, take the almighty piss
This is Muriel the Actor who's rapping, ping - ping

She, dresscd to kill and Me, looking so jolly
I know she will 'cos she's a lady of folly
She's seventeen, oh! You know what I mean
She's a circus girl
Across the ring on a gay light fantastic
For anything, oh! She'll bust her elastic
She, so inviting, me - given up fighting
I'm all in a whirl


A superman in a comical moment
Jump through the fan, you're the inhuman showman
Oh! hear the roar of the crowd call for more
So gullible..
Me, took ma band on the road for a lift·up
She took my hand and she said "never give up"
Oh schizophrenia, I know you, I been yer
So subtle....la la la



and Louise,
cowering into nowhere
speaking in terms of a
foreign land
where winter lies easy
and she will surmise the guise
of chateau eyes
and rise . . .

Death Trip

So now we're on a death trip
listen to the blood drip
oozing from a curled lip
ever thought of dying slowly
ever thought of dying totally unholy

someone's trying to fool us
maybe it's your daughters
can you hear the Walrus
offering a sad solution
he's calling out for teenage revolution
and "Can you think of one good reason
to remain?"

To you afficianados
fooling with bravado
to keep me on my guard-o
and cause a consciousness explosion
it's getting difficult to keep my mind in motion

images of sunshine
lease, to make the words rhyme
let me die in eight-time
let me write a tale to no-one
let me write a tale to make you think you're someone
and "Can you think of one good reason
to remain?"

We'll grow Sweet Ipomoea
To make us feel much freer
Then take a pinch of Schemeland
And turn it into Dreamland
"Softly, Lautrec," she whispered in awe
"Build me a picture of children at war"

TOP 10 LP'S : 1973